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I need a private way for people to access our fileserver via a web interface and download 5gb files on unstable internet.

Possible Solution

I was thinking a torrent creator and lister attached to a fileserver that maintains a list of folders/mounts to 'track' and it creates a torrent for each folder and file when someone requests to download that file/folder via a directory listing in a web browser.

It could generate an RSS feed so we could have a turnkey box with an RSS auto downloader providing additional seeds.

At the moment I can use Resilio to send what I want but it requires me picking and choosing what to put in there, I want the responsiblity to be on the person who needs the data, not me.

Anyone know if this exists already? Although I use turnkey so I don't have to put effort in I think I'd spend a few weekends trying to get this to work on a turnkey core box.

I can already see a few nodejs projects with the code I'd need to get this going but I got 500 other projects I want to work on :)


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