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Are there any plans for a new release in the near future?

Maybe some kind of roadmap?



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I have been working on v14.2 Core for some time now and it's very close! Actually the ISO is on our mirror if you are particularly keen to test it.

Once we have Core completed (and released), then we will start updating the individual appliances. We already have a batch of appliances that should be ready to build (once Core is finalised).

Following on from that, the current plan is for remaining appliances to be updated ASAP. New versions will be published in batches of 10 (or more) or once per month, which ever comes sooner. I.e. once 10 apps are ready for publishing they'll be built; if it's less than 10 and it's been a month since the last batch build, we'll build whatever is ready. That's the plan anyway...

Out of interest, which particular appliances were you interested in? Perhaps I could give you some pointers and you could help to push a particular appliance forward. Even if you're not very experienced with Linux, I'm more than happy to assist, and if nothing else, perhaps you could at least help out with testing?

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Dear Jeremy,
thanks for your answer.

I'm especially waiting for the Revision Control Appliance

Some time ago I reported a problem which was fixed...

Being a Linux n00b I didn't want to build the appliance myself but I'm
interested to install it on my server once its finished.
I was also thinking about testing it and comparing against gitlab appliance.


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FWIW Core v14.2 has been released! So hopefully won't be too long before we start pushing out some other appliances.

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Great to hear that!

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There are quite a few issues cropping up but we're slowly working through them. Hopefully we should be releasing a beta within the next month or 2.

Ideally development shoudl be much further advanced, but the release of v14.2 took way longer than we'd hoped, which it turn pushed back development of v15.0 (which will be based on Debian Stretch).

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