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Some time ago I asked for help with adding zfs to the basic turnkey container so I could use it as a base --- many thanks to all those who answered my cry for help. However, did not get it to work, so I installed debian as my base system, added zfs, with the intention of building my containers on that.

I wanted at least three separate containers to play with: Joomla, Samba, and Owncloud. Unfortunately the standard turnkey containers did not contain the latest versions of the software, so then what. (Please note I am a beginner with Linux etc.)

The solution occured to me --- load a core container onto my base container and pretend it was a Rasberry Pi; there are lots of instructions out there on how to get Samba/Joomla/Owncloud running on a Rasberry Pi which are easy to follow if you are new to all of the Linux magic like me. It worked/works like a dream, congratulations to the turnkey team for producing such a brilliant base system which you can then play with.

I now have three containers to play with, all with the latest versions of the necessary software (well nearly the latest versions --- I note that owncloud has a new release).

Only one problem to solve, getting all the containers to restart automatically after a reboot (power cuts in the area occur, and by Murphy's law, when I am not at home, but using owncloud).

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My guess is that you are using either Docker or LXC for hosting your servers. To ensure that your apps start on (re)boot would be something that would need to be set within the host, rather than within the containers themselves.

If you can share a little more about how you have them running, perhaps I can help? Or at least head you in the right direction...

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