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Hi, you may register Turnkey Hub as a hosting provider on Elgg's website :

Best regards.

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Thanks for your suggestion. That sounds like a great idea. I'll reach out to the Elgg crew via the info email address and see how we go.

FWIW, we also have Elgg ISO/VM/etc downloads for users who wish to run locally for development, testing or self hosting. Perhaps it's also worth noting somewhere as that may be an easy way for new (and even perhaps existing) users to get a new server up and running?

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I've just sent and email to info AT, so hopefully they'll get back to me shortly and we can get listed over there.

Thanks again for the fantastic suggestion.

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No problem at all. I've cleaned up the duplicate posts.

I've also opened a bug on our issue tracker. Hopefully I'll get a chance to address that sometime soon (I'm a little snowed under ATM). Thanks for the heads up though.

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