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when i press upgrade now in sofrware and packages i get:

Reading package lists...
W: GPG error: https://packages.sury.org/php buster InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG B188E2B695BD4743 DEB.SURY.ORG Automatic Signing Key <deb@sury.org>
E: The repository 'https://packages.sury.org/php buster InRelease' is not signed.


Pls help a newbie to solve this


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I've seen your other messages and will reply to them ASAP too, but I just wanted let you know there is a newer version that fixes this bug.

I've just updated the Nextcloud page so that you can download the new (v16.1) version. The new release should not have this bug (and it has a few other little bugs fixed too).

Sorry about that.

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Have you also updated to the actual Nextcloud version 21.0.1?


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Now I get an:

'Fehler bei der Bereitstellung der VM: postNFCData failed: Not Found 

Error in ESXi

I downloaded the 702MB VM = OVA

What have you corrected The ISO ? 606MB ISO

Whats wrong?

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Did you check for ESXi updates and ensure that all patches are installed as I suggested in your other previous post. From what I can gather from my searches online, it appears that this is likely a bug in ESXi?!

We build the OVA with VMware's "ovftool" so surely it should work ok with the current VMware ESXi?! Also according to others, it using the commandline VMware "ovftool" It should be possible to import the OVA.

[update] Have a look at this VMware support thread. It seems that there was a bug that caused this sort of issue (which has been fixed). A few people there noted that it works ok using Firefox (instead of Chrome; or Chrome-based browsers).

[Another update] I should have finished reading that thread before I clicked save here! The last post is from a TurnKey Linux user:

Right-click your OVA, go to properties, and at the lower-right of the properties popup there is a space where it says the file is blocked. On Server 2016 you get a checkbox to unblock it, Windows 7 displays a button. Unblock your file, click Apply and/or OK, and try 'er again.

Perhaps that's what's happening for you too?!

A few things to try... But worst-case scenario, the ISO should work fine, plus there is also the "VMDK" VM build (which is a zip file that includes the VMDK disk image and a VMX VM config file).

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If you look on the appliance page, you'll see a section that says "Stable version:" and next to that, it currently says '16.1' (i.e. v16.1 is the current stable version) and next to that is a link to the changelog where you can see what has changed for this release..

Generally, the changelog will note the version of the "main" software included in the update (i.e. in this case Nextcloud). It also links to the Core changelog for further changes included in all (or at least most) appliances.

Anyway, the short answer is yes, it includes Nextcloud v20.0.1.It also includes changes which should make it easier to update in the future. :)

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Hello. I recently had a similar problem and this thread helped solve it.

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For me too. Ty!

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