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Backdrop CMS is a Drupal7/8 fork.

It retained some features newly included in Drupal version 8, but excluded Symfony and most of the many new dependencies that were added to Drupal 8. Backdrop's founders and early contributors had concerns over the significant (and at the time controversial) changes coming to Drupal, and expressed concern that maintainers of existing Drupal websites would be unable (or unwilling) to manage these changes, and the cost that comes with them. Hence the ongoing support for Backdrop.

A TKL LAMP+Backdrop Appliance would be most welcome. 

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Great suggestion Mark! I've actually come across Backdrop CMS in my travels and agree that it would be a great appliance candidate. So I've opened an "issue" on our tracker so it doesn't get forgotten.

The issue at the moment (and most of he time) is the spare resources to do the work. We're currently focused on getting v17.0 stable out the door. Unfortunately, I don't know how long the v17.0 release will take, but we've barely started. I have absolutely no idea when we might have time to develop an appliance for it. Being a Drupal fork, I suspect that it should be fairly easy to generate the build code, but I haven't even looked so I can't be sure.

Bottom line is that hopefully If you, or someone else is interested in pushing this forward, then doing the development required would really give this app a boost. Otherwise we'll just need to wait until we get some spare cycles.

If you (or anyone else) wants some coaching on appliance development, I'm more than happy to assist. Please just ask.

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