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It's been a while since I discussed my server. Well, I have upgraded. And still, I use vintage- Dual CPU PIII running Turnkey Core Debian Jessie. So far so good. Added a GB Lan card to it as well. Now, thanks to Webmin, I can access it from anywhere in the world. So Cool! Infact, I show it off to my clients on how such a powerful system can run on vintage hardware. I love it when their laughter turns into shock - oh so priceless!

So far, my clients enjoy it. Infact, I prefare it to FreeNAS. FreeNAS is great but requires a lot. Sometimes, a little is required.

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for your kind words. Great to hear from you and fantastic to hear that TurnKey is still 'serving' you well (see what I did there eh?!).

It is incredible how much you can squeeze out of hardware when you don't need to provide a full blown GUI/desktop. I mean Linux is generally much smoother on old hardware at the best of times, but running headless, makes it all so much better!

FWIW, last year, I upgraded my home hypervisor (running ProxmoxVE, with TurnKey running as VMs and containers). It's now running on an Intel Atom processor (@2.4GB) and it flies! Prior to that, I had been using a 7 year old desktop system (1st gen Core2Duo) and it was fine, but I had maxed out the RAM (8GB) and that was my bottleneck. The new server has similar clockspeed to the old, but uses much less power and has 8 cores (instead of 2 hyperthreaded). The 32GB RAM gives me tons of headroom! :)

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