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We're a tiny team and are looking to deploy a handful of open source web apps. Being able to deploy these pre-packaged VMs (or simple to install stacks) quickly is very appealing. We don't have strong Linux skills(we're a windows shop) and this has been a deterrent in the past but the quick and easy set-up seems to minimise time cost.

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Hi Pom. Welcome to TurnKey. TBH, if you plan to maintain them yourself, then learning some fairly basic Linux skills would be an advantage. FWIW once you get your head around the basics, the internet pretty much has all the answers. TurnKey is based on Debian (as is Ubuntu too, although Ubuntu isn't binary compatible; TurnKey is) so there is literally tons of info online. We always make efforts to help out as much as we can.

So anyway, what's the question?

I do not have any background in Turnkey or Linux, other than the fact that I have installed versions of Linux on Virtualbox.

I did install the ISO for turnkey-openvpn-14.2-jessie-amd-64. But I have some problems not only because I do not understand tunneling, and like I said I do not have that kind of background. In fact, I did not graduate from high school. But I need internet security on my home computer because I spend a lot of time on the internet.

The reason I spend a lot of time on the internet is related to my internet site and teaching myself and the fact that I am an amateur astrologer 

Here is my site currently I have had hosted sites but I do not have any now:    https://psychopathic-royalfamilychildren.blogspot.com/

I sort of have a problem with the linking the Turnkey with the Amazon site because I know something about Amazon that is not good for reasons that are realized if you understand the site I have.

So I have installed the ISO for Turnkey, and I said it was ok to configure the network automatically but I do not know what I need to do, and whether I can really trust free Linux ISO's in the first place.

So here is what was given to me after I installed the ISO 

Open VPN port 1194 I guess that is the standard listening port 

I do have a Zyxel router/modem that I can port forward on but I am not sure what I am doing 


Shell ............... :12320

Webmin ............12321

root@ 22

at the openvpn login what do I need to type in?   

the automatic configuring of network gave me this

then it gave me the login to my router of :


IP address of Virtualbox 


I tried to make it as concise as possible thanks for offering me the support. But I not only do not know

much about networking on the internet. I also do not trust the linking to Amazon either     

If you do not have enough time to answer all of the questions. If you could answer the login for now it would be great I guess, Sorry          

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Probably a good start would be explaining what it is exactly you are trying to achieve with OpenVPN? And having said that, it's generally best to start your own thread, rather than piggy backing on someone else's (unless it's directly relevant; and even then a new thread is often best).

The basics of our OpenVPN appliance and how it can be configured are covered on the doc page. But as a super quick overview, essentially OpenVPN has 2 modes:

  1. Gateway - where you run an OpenVPN server somewhere remotely and tunnel your internet traffic through that (essentially your own remote VPN gateway). This configuration also requires a client (which could be a local OpenVPN server - or any other third party client that supports the OpenVPN protocol); or
  2. Site-to-Site - where you use OpenVPN to link a remote site and your local site. Joining 2 LANs, more-or-less extending your LAN across the internet securely. This configuration also requires 2 OpenVPN servers, one local and one remote (one in each LAN), but both nodes essentially act as both client and server.

Once I know what you are trying to achieve, then perhaps I can give you some more specific advise?!

Regarding TurnKey in general, I suggest that you have a read through the FAQ. Hopefully that will answer a lot of your questions about the trustworthiness of TurnKey and our philosophy. There is also a "New to TurnKey? Overview in links" page which a user created, that may also help you get going on the basics (it sounds like you've got many aspects of it, but perhaps that may fill in any gaps?).

If you have any further specific questions, please ask.

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