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We're a tiny team and are looking to deploy a handful of open source web apps. Being able to deploy these pre-packaged VMs (or simple to install stacks) quickly is very appealing. We don't have strong Linux skills(we're a windows shop) and this has been a deterrent in the past but the quick and easy set-up seems to minimise time cost.

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Hi Pom. Welcome to TurnKey. TBH, if you plan to maintain them yourself, then learning some fairly basic Linux skills would be an advantage. FWIW once you get your head around the basics, the internet pretty much has all the answers. TurnKey is based on Debian (as is Ubuntu too, although Ubuntu isn't binary compatible; TurnKey is) so there is literally tons of info online. We always make efforts to help out as much as we can.

So anyway, what's the question?

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