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The OnlyOffice Document Server allows real-time collaboration on office documents - a local alternative to Google Docs:


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It looks like it'd be an awesome addition to the library!

And actually, it looks like compilation is not required as they also provide prebuilt deb packages. Install instructions here.

Out of curiosity, do you have personal experience with it, or just came across it and thought it would be good?

Related (but somewhat tangential) I did have a quick look at Collabora CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition - based on LibreOffice online) and actually even went as far as developing the build code. But only then did I realise that the open source self-hosted version doesn't actually have a web front end! It only works when combined with a third party app such as Nextcloud or ownCloud. So I put that one on the backburner... OnlyOffice Document server looks like a much better appliance candidate as it allows standalone doc editing, but can also be integrated with third party software (e.g. Nextcloud/ownCloud). Great find! :)

I've added a feature request for an OnlyOffice Document server to our issue tracker. I'm not sure when we'll get a chance to add it to the library, but at least that way it won't get forgotten.

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Hi Jeremy,

I was thinking about trying out the document server and thought tomyself, "wouldn't it be super cool if there was a TurnkeyLinus appliance that I can simply upload to my ProxMox host...." and that this would probably be of use to a lot of people. Glad you like the idea!

BTW, I would use the OnlyOffice server in conjunction with HumHub, a very cool "social network kit", which would also be a great addition to TurnkeyLinux. Installation is really easy - I've writen a Dockerfile (based on TKL).

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Yes a TurnKey OnlyOffice appliance would be awesome I reckon. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to have a play with it sometime soon.

HumHub looks quite interesting too. Good work on your Docker container implementation.


A genius member of our devops team has ported Onlyoffice Community Edition on TKL 15.

We will check if everthing works well // backup and recovery before send it to Jeremy in a few weeks...

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Out of interest, how has it been built/installed?

If using TKLDev, then that's ideal. The best way to share that would be to push the build code to a Github repo and post a link (ideally also post on the existing issue). I can then fork it into the TurnKey appliance buildcode library.

If instead it was installed via a script (or some sort of orchestration tool), sharing the script(s) would be useful.

If it was built manually, a pre-built VM does still have value (if nothing else, as a proof-of-concept and reference implementation). But we can't release it like that as we need to build everything from scratch for accountability/transparency. Having build code also makes it much easier to maintain (particularly across Debian versions).

Regardless, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have! :)

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question 1

are there any news about Only Office TurnKey Appliance and about how to do integration with Nextcloud  Turnkey Appliance ??


I have already a Nextcloud TurnKey appliance, TKL Nextcloud 14.1 running on Proxox. I managed to upgrade Nextcloud till version 13.0.12.

I can't upgrade Nextcloud to 14.0.12 cause php version.

From Nextcloud APPS menu in  web interface I can see both Collabora App,as officially supported, and OnlyOffice App, as exteranl app.

In "Show descriptions" of the Collabora and OnlyOffice APPS I found these websites " admin documentation " help

question 2

In both cases it seems to me I have to install a docker server, is it so?  I never done that so I'd like an help if someone have done that already.

I have read this thread about docker support in Proxmox, but it's not a very updated thread:

question 3

Can I use Turnkey and Proxmox to have a base development for Docker ?



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Q1: are there any news about Only Office TurnKey Appliance and about how to do integration with Nextcloud Turnkey Appliance ??

No news... :( Unfortunately there has been no progress on an Only Office (and/or Callabora) appliance. It would certainly be an awesome appliance and would be very useful for users in your situation. But unfortunately we're a small team with a big workload, so we need to carefully prioritise what we focus our energy on. Unless someone from the community steps up to develop this, I can give you no indication on when (or even if) this might happen.

As for integration with TurnKey Nextcloud, I've never done it, so am completely unclear on exactly how that works. In the past, I have provided some limited support for a TurnKey Hub Cloud server user to set it up. I don't recall the specifics, but as I recall that the biggest issues he had was getting Collabora set up and running smoothly. IIRC the actual integration with Nextcloud itself was pretty straight forward once he got to that point.

Q2: In both cases it seems to me I have to install a docker server, is it so? I never done that so I'd like an help if someone have done that already.

I'm almost certain that Docker is not strictly required. However, it does appear that Nextcloud themselves (and Collabora too?) only provide instructions for installing via Docker.

Google turned up this "dockerless" Collabora install tutorial which from a quick glance looks reasonable. Note that it's for Debian 9/Stretch (which is the basis of TurnKey v15.x) so likely won't work on your v14.x appliance (v14.x was based on Debian 8/Jessie).

Having said that, Docker is quite popular and is a pretty common technology these days, so it may be worth wrapping your head around it?! FWIW, Docker is often used by apps which are somewhat complex to manually install and/or have very specific dependency requirements. Docker containers are essentially like LXC (i.e. Proxmox Containers), but instead of providing a full OS (which only leverages the kernel of the host as per LXC), they only include a specific application and the specific dependencies required to make it run. Hence why they are often referred to as "app containers" (as opposed to LXC; "OS containers").

So if you'd like to go the Docker route, it should be relatively easy to install on TurnKey (or Debian in general), although I would not recommend trying to install it within a container. AFAIK it is possible to get it running within a LXC container, but you'll likely run up against issues along the way, so I would highly recommend that you launch a full VM (e.g. via installing the TurnKey Core v15.0 ISO - current latest release of Core) and install in that. The Docker docs should "just work".

Q3: Can I use Turnkey and Proxmox to have a base development for Docker ?

For sure. However, as I noted above, you'd be best served by downloading the ISO and installing to a full VM. Then install Docker within that.

Additional Info

You didn't explicitly ask, but you did note that you are running our v14.1 appliance. That is quite dated now, hence why you can't upgrade to newer Nextcloud!

To workaround that, you have a few options:

  • Install a newer version of PHP from a 3rd party source into your current Nextcloud appliance. [Not recommended as TurnKey v14.x is getting close to EOL; best to upgrade sooner rather than later IMO]
  • Do an "in place" Debian upgrade of your existing appliance. As TurnKey is Debian under the hood, you could upgrade the OS version as if it were any other Debian server (if you need a hand with that best to start a new support thread) [Note Debian 9/Stretch only includes PHP7.0 so will not support the latest v16.x Nextcloud]
  • Migrate your data (including your Nextcloud install and associated data) from your existing TurnKey server to a newer version one. There are many ways to do that. One is to use our built-in backup and migration tool; TKLBAM - although please note that will likely require some manual intervention; again please open a new thread if you want a hand with that) [Note as per above; Debian 9/Stretch only includes PHP7.0 so will not support the latest v16.x Nextcloud]

As noted, either of the last 2 methods will still only support Nextcloud up to version 15.x. v16.x+ requires minimum PHP7.1. We're very close to releasing a new Nextcloud appliance that includes PHP 7.2 and so will support Nextcloud v16.x. So if you can hold off for a week or so on that, then you could migrate your data to an instance of that. Alternatively, you could install PHP7.1+ yourself from a 3rd party source (although I'd still recommend that you don't do that on v14.x).

I hope that provides some assistance. Good luck with it and hopefully someone with more Collabora experience might post back?!

PS - I just posted instructions on using TKLBAM to migrate Nextcloud to a new server. If you have a go at that, it'd be awesome if you post back (on that thread, or start a new one) with feedback on your experience. :)

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Has there been any progress on this? I'm looking at doing this exact same thing and have been a TurnKeyLinux user for years, so this is the first place I came to see if something like this existed.



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Hi, I have just created a Debian 10 Proxmox LXC container with the latest Onlyoffice Docs (new name for DocumentServer).  

I would guess this works the same into a base Turnkey Debian image (I used a base Debian 10 CT image from Proxmox).

It is pretty easy and quick to create this image. Will take only a few minutes.



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