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The OnlyOffice Document Server allows real-time collaboration on office documents - a local alternative to Google Docs:


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It looks like it'd be an awesome addition to the library!

And actually, it looks like compilation is not required as they also provide prebuilt deb packages. Install instructions here.

Out of curiosity, do you have personal experience with it, or just came across it and thought it would be good?

Related (but somewhat tangential) I did have a quick look at Collabora CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition - based on LibreOffice online) and actually even went as far as developing the build code. But only then did I realise that the open source self-hosted version doesn't actually have a web front end! It only works when combined with a third party app such as Nextcloud or ownCloud. So I put that one on the backburner... OnlyOffice Document server looks like a much better appliance candidate as it allows standalone doc editing, but can also be integrated with third party software (e.g. Nextcloud/ownCloud). Great find! :)

I've added a feature request for an OnlyOffice Document server to our issue tracker. I'm not sure when we'll get a chance to add it to the library, but at least that way it won't get forgotten.

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Hi Jeremy,

I was thinking about trying out the document server and thought tomyself, "wouldn't it be super cool if there was a TurnkeyLinus appliance that I can simply upload to my ProxMox host...." and that this would probably be of use to a lot of people. Glad you like the idea!

BTW, I would use the OnlyOffice server in conjunction with HumHub, a very cool "social network kit", which would also be a great addition to TurnkeyLinux. Installation is really easy - I've writen a Dockerfile (based on TKL).

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Yes a TurnKey OnlyOffice appliance would be awesome I reckon. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to have a play with it sometime soon.

HumHub looks quite interesting too. Good work on your Docker container implementation.

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