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Last version Turnkey Redmine, instal ISO. All works, and works good. But I want up to Re4.0.

In docs Update RedmineUpgrade I see:

2. Copy your database settings-file config/database.yml into the new config directory.

3a. Copy your base configuration settings-file config/configuration.yml into the new config directory.

But i cant find it files...I conect console root


cd /var/www/redmine/config/

and see only "database.yml.example" and "configuration.yml.example"




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What you describe sounds like the Redmine directory of the new version (with just the example files - not any current configuration)!?

Did you move the original directory somewhere else before unpacking the new version? If so, you'll need to get the files from there.

If that's not the case, then it shouldn't have been working at all! Redmine shouldn't work at all without being able to connect to it's DB or without a general config file!

Unless you can find the original files, perhaps you are best off starting again and document each step you take? That way if you hit issues such as this, you can post everything you've done and I will be able to recreate the exact situation you are in on a local server and give you some guidance.

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You absolutle right )) its new catalogs!

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Glad that was all it was. Hopefully the rest of the update goes smoothly for you.

If you hit any more issues, please feel free to ask. I'm actually not much of an expert when it comes to Redmine (or Ruby on Rails apps in general) but I know TurnKey pretty well and have done maintenance and updates to TurnKey Redmine (and other TurnKey Ruby on Rails based apps).

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