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Hi Jeremy, trying to use deploy Vaultwarden using the turnkey Core image, the issue is that Vaultwarden recommends Ubuntu, anyways, i ll give it a try, 

I will suggest to add Vaultwarden to the turnkey family, its a nice password manager and more importantly free. 

thanks a lot

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I have seen Vaultwarden and I agree that it looks like a good potential appliance candidate. Unfortunately though, their only supported install methods are via docker, or building from source. I don't understand why they don't just distribute a binary? That would make it super easy for us to build an appliance of/for. As TKLDev doesn't currently support docker install, it's not currently a realistic option for us to provide as an appliance.

To be clear, whilst you will need to install Docker first, Vaultwarden should install on Core fine. It's just building with Docker containters (on TKLDev) isn't (yet) supported. I have been having a bit of a play with it and I think it will be possible, but it needs much more testing. My current priority is getting the v18.0 release finalised. Hopefully after that is done, I can circle back to that.

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thanks for the update. 

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