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I'm considering in my home lab deploying many of these VM's ( OpenVPN, OpenLDAP, FileServer, Monitoring etc).

I imagine there are mechanisms for doing single sign on and credentials management across the suite of VM's

Is there a best practice guide as to the best approach to do this?



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Currently there is no overarching SSO mechanism, at least not one that we provide. If you're planning on using OpenLDAP, then there is a way to use LDAP to authenticate Linux users (which would cover SSH logins). Depending on how that's implemented, it may also cover Webmin too.

AFAIK Samba actually uses LDAP already (as a component of AD) so you should be able to link that up. I'm not sure about OpenVPN, but I do know that many web apps have LDAP authentication plugins.

Personally, as a Linux user, the first thing I do with a new server is upload my public SSH key. Then I can log in without a password at all, although that obviously only applies to SSH log ins.

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