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I have a opensolaris machine where I run VirtualBox

Your Turnkey LAMP is the first distribution that i want to install and run in virtualbox.

I have progressed so far that I have booted the ISO image in virtulabox and logged in to the system.

How do I proceed to install the turnkey LAMP to the virtual Hard disk in VB?

In the first 15 minutes of googling and looking in your documentation I have not found any solution :-)

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There is a boot option install to hard disk that will take you to the installer first thing after the system boots.

If you run the system "live", then the installer doesn't run by default, but you can invoke it manually by executing:
Our next batch of releases will include a configuration console that will run by default and give you the option to invoke the installer even if you boot into live mode, but its really just a matter of providing a convenient user interface.
For more information regarding di-live (debian installer live), see

Update: As promised we have since fixed this issue and all current appliances include a configuration console with an option to invoke the live installer.

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