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Hi guyz, I am trying to use turnkey rails on my old pc to have rails server..  the problem I have is I can't establish ssh connection from my mac to that old pc (through cable) with fresh turnkey linux in it.

Any advice?


What I did:

-Installed the December 10th version of Turnkey linux with rails

What I need:

- have ssh access

- and I guess FTP later on

btw.. Marry Christmas!




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Do you get an error message when you try to connect? Can you supply some more details.

By default, the ssh daemon should start when the system initializes, and you should be able to connect from your mac with:
ssh root@appliance_ip
All appliances released to date will not accept logins with an empty password, so you will have to set a password for the root account if you haven't already (or update the ssh configuration).

FYI - Our upcoming releases will accept empty password login's, but only in live/demo mode.

Hope this helps...
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Hi Alon thanks for helping,

So about my case:

When I do ssh root@ it is not responding, like freezing.. so I terminate it(the same is with ping).

The thing I dared do was to: ifconfig en0 on linux machine and than ssh from mac.. it didn't change anything

I have password set.

my turnkeylinux server is directly connected to mac without access to net.

While connecting to the server my mac is not connected to any other network as well.

I guess it is something about IP(maybe conflicts?) and because of my rather limited knowledge in that area I prefer to ask before I mess it.

If you can give me advice how to change IP on linux side maybe that could solve my problem.

I hope nobody got offended by my issue

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The forums are meant for asking questions, you don't have to apologize for that ;)

Don't be scared of breaking anything, especially if you are running in live/demo mode - worst comes to worst, just reboot and start over fresh.

Ok, now down to your issue:

Physical connection

If you are connecting your old PC directly to your Mac, you are going to need an ethernet crossover cable, if you are using a regular ethernet cable - you won't get very far... An alternative would be to use a hub or switch.

You might want to try running the appliance in a virtual machine (e.g., using virtualization software such as VMware or VirtualBox).

Once you have a physical connection between your PC and your Mac, we can move on to configuring the network.

Configuring the network

Assuming you are connecting the 2 computers directly using a crossover cable, you will have to configure a static IP on the turnkey appliance which is on the same subnet (logical network) as your Mac.

Assuming your Mac has an IP address of, you would configure the appliances IP address as follows (eth0 would be your first network card). You can do this with the help of the Configuration Console, or directly on the command line:
ifconfig eth0 up
Then, test if you have a connection (from your Mac to the appliance):
As a side note, once you get networking setup, you might find administering the appliance easier using the web interface instead of SSH.
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So I got the answer.. the cable. I'll wait for router and i'll try again.

thanks for help


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