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kernel panic with VirtualBox on AMD Phenom (SOLVED)

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On trying to boot the iso in Vbox both the live system and install to disk I get a kernel panic.

My setup is a triple core phenom 3 gigs of ram running intrepid ibex x64.

I tryed enabling IO APIC in the  VBox settings for the VM I'm installing to, this gets rid of the kernel panic.

I just remembered I probably could have used the no-apic command at boot.

Maybe this info can be added to the VBox faq and install guide if you can reproduce the problem I had.




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Can't reproduce this...

Thanks for reporting this. I just tested that same image using the same version of VirtualBox (2.1.4), with or without IO APIC and I can't reproduce the kernel panic. I'm using a different processor though (Intel Core), so that might have something to do with it.

A couple of questions:

Do you also get a kernel panic when you try booting Ubuntu hardy LTS in VirtualBox? (We're using the exact same kernel)

Does turning AMD-V on/off have any effect on the bug?

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Not the first time this has been reported

This was reported on the support forums a couple of months ago here. It seems this is a known problem that is documented in the VirtualBox manual (11.3.2) along with the IO APIC workaround. I'll mention this in our VirtualBox tutorial.

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