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Hi every one,

After installation I cannot get to the Drupal site.

I have done the install as explained. Here are my settings:

  • Vista PC
  • Virtual machine and turnkey-drupal6-2009.03-hardy-x86.iso insides folders on E:\ (instead of C:\ ) inside separate folders.
  • I choose linux /ubuntu as OS to install via the VB wizard

These are the only changes I made to the settings offered during install.

Are these enough for not working ? Thanks for any help to a newby


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Hi Pier,

I'm sorry but its not clear what problem you have, can you be more specific?

Have you not been able to boot the TurnKey Drupal Appliance in the VM? Or have you installed the TurnKey Drupal Appliance in a Virtual Machine, but are unable to access http://appliance_ip ?

If its the latter, your issue might be a networking configuration (wild guess), take a look at this post

If the above doesn't help, please be as specific as possible about your problem, which would help us help you :)

Good luck!
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Thank you very much. Thanks to the link to the previous post it works.
It was as simple as that.
However, for the sake of contributing, the doc says : "Set host interface instead of NAT if you need to access the appliance from other computers in your local network". I did not understand that that was an indication to change the original setting (NAT) for those like me who would access their Appliance on ones own PC. I thought local network was referring to some LAN... That is why I did not change it.
Anyway, thanks for the good work. Keep it rolling !
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Glad everything is working and thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look later at maybe refining the documentation to prevent future confusion.

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