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Hardware requirements for running appliance

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I just discovered this site and the timing is great as we are just looking at starting to work with Drupal.  Installing the required components looked like a daunting task, so learning about the appliance idea could be a great time-saver.  Sorry if this is a dumb question, but must the appliance be installed on a Ubuntu box?  We have more local experience managing Mac OSX servers and desktops.  Can that be used for the Drupal 6 appliance?

Thank you.


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With virtualization an appliance will run anywhere

When you install a software appliance into a virtual machine, it becomes a virtual appliance. Using Virtual Machine software such as VMWare or VirtualBox you can run an appliance as a self-contained system on top of any host operating system.

BTW, our users report they are happily running appliances on Mac desktops. I recommend using VirtualBox. It's a free open source virtualization program that supports all the major operating systems including Mac OS X.

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Thank you

Thank you for your reply liraz, I'll check out VirtualBox first. Given 2 Mac OSX boxes (one a server and one a regular desktop) with comparable speed and memory running VirtualHost VM with the Drupal 6 appliance, would there be any significant performance difference between the two? Appreciate your help very much! Thanks.
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Probably not...

I don't think you'll notice any difference, unless they have different levels of load...
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Can also be installed on bare metal (real hardware)

As Liraz mentioned, with virtualization an appliance will run anywhere. But, if you so desire, TurnKey appliances can also be installed on real hardware.
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Real Hardware?

Thank you alon, By real hardware do you mean a box with Ubuntu OS rather than by using VM on another system? Thanks joespnet
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You got it

That's exactly what he means.
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I mean just the Box...

TurnKey appliances are Ubuntu underneath, so all you need to do is follow the 1 minute installation and your done.

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