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The internal links get corrupt when a page is saved for the second time with FCKeditor. I guess it should work out of the box when installing the TurneKey  MediaWiki Appliance, right?


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I have tried to make this work, but without success. Anyone else that have had this issue and got it to work?
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Looks like you found a bug with the FCKeditor MediaWiki integration. Thanks for reporting this! I filed a bug report for you and you can subscribe to it to get notification when we fix it:

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The corrupted links were caused by a bug in the version of FCKeditor included in the 2009.03 release. This bug (and several others) have now been fixed upstream.

We have just released a new version of the TurnKey MediaWiki Appliance which includes the latest version of FCKeditor. You can either upgrade to the new appliance, or manually download and install the latest FCKeditor extension in your current appliance.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

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