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I've just attempted to upgrade an install of the Drupal 6.10 appliance via apt-get to 6.11. The process appears to work fine, up until the post-installation process.

Despite following the instructions to the letter, running update.php etc, I keep getting the following whenever I try to connect to my site:

Drupal already installed

* To start over, you must empty your existing database.
* To install to a different database, edit the appropriate settings.php file in the sites folder.
* To upgrade an existing installation, proceed to the update script.
* View your existing site.

I run the update script, I click on 'view your existing site' and it loops back to install.php and gives me the above message.

Any ideas?
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Go into administration -> status report and check what version of Drupal your site is running.
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Same error here. I changed the base_url into the settings.php, it doesn't help. Is there something uncommon in htaccess ?
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I've tried a couple of times to reproduce this error but everything seems to working. Did you perform the database schema as explained in the drupal6 6.11 upgrade announcement?

Could you provide more information (eg. content you may of added to the database, modules enabled, configuration changes) that might have something to do with the error.

You also might want to have a look if there are any clues hiding in the database log: http://appliance_ip/admin/reports/dblog
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The TurnKey Linux Drupal appliance is ready to go. It has php, MySQL all set up and configured and Drupal also pre-installed and ready to use! :)

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