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I'm sorry if this has been done to death, but I couldn't find anything on the subject. I've installed VirtualBox, and then installed Turnkey MediaWiki, and all appears to be well. I am able, from the machine running the VirtualBox app, to type in the IP address of the Turnkey MediaWiki and, voila, it appears. I can also access the TKMW from other computers on my home network (i.e., behind my router/firewall).

My question is, how do I access TKMW from outside my router/firewall? I already have a DynDNS account, but I'm not sure what port TKMW is listening on. I assume I need to figure that out, then open a port in my router that maps to TKMW's port, then all should be well, right?

All I could find regarding specific ports was on the configuration screen when I first installed; it listed a couple of ports for some of the apps - maybe PHPMyAdmin and, uh, something else (but it wasn't "Access your MediaWiki here, dummy!").

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

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In other words the default port for any HTTP web application (e.g., this website) is port 80 unless specified otherwise. For HTTPS web applications it's port 443.

Does that help?

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Yep, that solved my problem. Thanks for your help.
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I have a simalar problem so i won't start a new post. I installed the Tomcat appliance and deployed the Orbeon forms WAR file using the Tomcat web management utilities. The Orbeon application is running but i can't access it from my remote computer. What port is it running on? I tried :8080 and :8180, Firefox still won,t connect. -CTC
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In theory, all you have to do is configure the JkMount (/etc/tomcat5.5/mod_jk.conf) for Orbeon if it isn't already configured, and then access the application via: http://appliance_ip/MOUNT

Hope this helps.
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My mod_jk.conf file containes no Orbeon config information just user roles.

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