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Hi there,

First off I want to thank everyone who has put time and effort into making these turnkey appliances. They truely have saved me hours of work setting up example systems within this last week.

The issue I currently have is with trying to install a CMS called MySource Matrix. I've downloaded and installed the LAPP appliance and started going through the installation process as outline here, but it seems that the installation process requires cli access to php, through the php-cli module. I've checked phpinfo.php and it seems that cli wasn't enabled on compile, which isn't overly surprising really.

I was wondering what steps would be required for me to recompile php with cli and the other modules outlined here to replace the current version of php on the system.

Many thanks,



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You're welcome! I'm glad we could help. Regarding your question, there is a simple solution. Debian build multiple packages with different flavors of PHP for different uses (e.g., embedded in Apache, as a CGI service, on the command line)
apt-get update
apt-get install php5-cli
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Liraz hi,

I'm using the lamp vm and need to installphp_cli.

After I do this, I need to state Full path and name to the PHP CLI Binary in the application config file.

Could you please tell me where it gets installed.



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I think it is  /usr/bin/php

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