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As Turnkey is still not listed with DistroWatch there should be more information to be able to promote it on other pages.

Such as:

(main programs (Browser, Office,...)) Packet-List,
Derivated from,
suitable for beginners?,
main purpose,
etc, ......


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We've been talking to a couple of guys from DistroWatch (Charis and Ladislav) about including TurnKey Linux on DistroWatch. The main issue was that a family of appliances custom built for specific purposes doesn't fit very well with the traditional distribution (and their site), so I suggested various ways to get around that including listing just updates to TurnKey Linux Core.

In the meantime they put us on the 90 day waiting list.

If you go through the web site all of the information you mention is actually there but let me make a list for you just to make it real easy:

  • Size: different for each appliance (102MB for Core)

  • Language: currently English by default but we're using Ubuntu under the hood so multi-lingual support should be easy to configure after deployment
  • Package list: provided for each appliance (see the "manifest")
  • Beginners: the entire roster of appliances is built for relative newcomers to Linux. Ease of use is a priority.
  • Live CD: appliances are distributed as an ISO which can also run as a Live CD
  • Mirrors: provided by sourceforge
  • Manual: Community documentation (a work in progess), but the Ubuntu manuals apply
Of course, we'll provide any further information required by the DistroWatch crew.
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I guess I can see where they're coming from that perhaps the appliances may not individually or collectively quite fit with their idea of what a distro is.

But surely Core on its own does!?

Its a standalone, baseline server, minimum size, minimum frills but based on Ubuntu, so is easily built upon, and can be hacked to run as a LiveCD Server (ie build your own Core based iso appliance that will run from CD).

My 2c worth anyway!
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Thanks for the support! I pretty much made the same argument and Ladislav (the guy who runs the DistroWatch site) responded by adding TurnKey Linux to the waiting list, so I'm guessing he does see some merit in the argument that at least the TurnKey Linux Core should be listed.

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