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1st I love the LAMP nicely done.


1) I am installing this onto an Ebox2300 base  200Mhz Vortex86 with 1GB SSD 128MB Ram Installs fine runs great but ( I know always a but) I need USB support enabled I tried "lsusb" returns error command not found?

2) Trying to set this up as a wireless webserver/remote monitor for my farm. DO I need to compile a custom kernel for this machine or is there an easier way?

Update: After a few hours of very interesting reading and being sidetracked a couple times I found what I needed to correct this.

apt-get install usbutils wireless-tools

( still trying)

Device#1 is WUSB54GCv3 Device#2 WUSB54GSv1 #2 works in Ubuntu 9.04 #1 is a pain  Trying to figure out what module is loaded for #2 so that I can transfer it to the LAMP.

Keep up the Great work on TurnKey Products, Love it.


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Glad you got everything to work. eBox looks like a very interesting device. According to my googling. This model was available for just $250 back in 2006. I wonder if it's still on the market and for how much. This has to be one of the cheapest x86-compatible devices I've come across. Exciting that such a low spec device would still be capable of running a TurnKey Linux appliance.

Anyhow, just like you searched the forums for information I'm sure other people would be very interested in your experience. It would be great if you could come back and share a bit of that here.

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They are and for $119 so really not to bad several other models with upgrades perfect for this sort of project. I own a small farm so my goal is to try to make this into a video/monitor/temp/anything else i can get it to do so that I can place one in the barn where my Mares are kept. And potentially and where else I want such as remote control and video from my gate that is not visible from the house. currently trying to configure 2 different USB wireless devices to see which works better one is WUSB54GCv3 and the other is WUSB54GSv1 both work in Ubuntu9 but not having any luck with the LAMP.(Yet) Also note SX models=no math co processor and require custom kernel


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