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Hello i'm back!

Been using turnkeylinux lamp for about 11weeks now


I got a new server and going to use it at home for dev php

heres my problem i have a dynamic IP and i use dnsexit and on it i got the linux updater

All works fine but when i get a new IP the IP stays the same in turnkeylinu.

So is thir anyways i can make it do auto DHCP? so i dont have to hook up a sceen and update it by hand.


(PS:i just came back from a party and i'm alil tipys sorry for the typing)

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Firstly, glad to hear everything is working with your first TurnKey Linux server!

Appliances use auto dhcp by default (udhcpc client), but you can replace it with what ever dhcp client you prefer.

I am not familiar we dnsexit nor your networking setup, but I am going to take a guess that you are referring to the dynamically allocated IP address from your ISP. If that is the case, take a look at an answer I provided on launchpad answers.

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