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help on the update of webmin, help pls on how to update the 1.430 to 1.480, is there a bash command to update the webmin



vincent john ramos


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We will be upgrading our webmin package to the latest (stable) upstream version in our upcoming release. Once we do that, current appliances will be able to upgrade with apt-get.

You can attempt to install directly from upstream, but if you do I recommend you uninstall the current version as they will conflict.

Good luck!

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thx for the reply can u add a system monitor on your next stable release


thx and more power

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In general, its always good practice to monitor your servers remotely (if monitoring locally and the server goes down, so does the monitor). We have a couple ideas regarding this issue, but more on that later...

Are you referring to the webmin module "monitor" (service monitor and alerting system)?
If so, you can install it like this:

apt-get update
apt-get install webmin-mon

I've never experimented with the module, so any feedback you could provide would be helpful.

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