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I am interested to try out Turnkey Linux with Drupal 6. I have an existing site that I would migrate the core files, plus the "sites" and "files" folders and of course the database.

It is unclear to me where the core files in the Turnkey Linux Drupal 6 app install live. I could only find the sites and files folders.

It is also unclear to me what tools I could use to import the MySQL database. Can anyone help me out?


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Forgive me for being brief, I am in the middle of something but I thought I would provide some pointers to get you going:

Drupal locations:


Regarding importing the database, you can either use phpmyadmin (https://appliance_ip:12322) or use the cli

mysql -pPASSWORD --batch --execute 'use drupal6; source /path/to/drupaldb_to_import.sql'

Gotcha: don't forget to use --add-drop-table when exporting the current drupal database

Good Luck!

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