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I used to use Virtualmin to run my dev server. It has a lot of options available on the web interface, and that was very handy. In preparing a new dev server, I like the Drupal 6 appliance idea. I have it, installed and working fine.

Virtualmin had a wonderful little script(s) so that when you added a new domain to the lot, all kind of administrative tasks were automatically handled. I can't imagine this is out of reach for the turnkey appliances and I'd like to know how I can make one myself. For example, adding a domain adds a user, a home folder with a skeleton directories like logs/, public_html/, svn/, etc/, some apache directives and seperate apache config file, etc.

In the webmin included with the turnkey appliance, where would I start to begin working on a similar script? Obviously it won't be as serious as Virtualmin's, but I'd like to set some things up when I add another user/domain to the mix, without having to do it all manually. Possible?


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I'm not familiar with virtualmin, but from what I understand it can either run as a "Virtualmin Stack", or as a webmin module (both obviously have their pro's and con's).

I would start out and see if the webmin module provides all the needed functionality, and if not, explore the virtual stack.

Once you have some more insight, it would be great if you could document it on the wiki and create a blueprint.

Some resources:


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