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LAMP: Using MySQL GUI to connect to virtual machine

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 I have the hardy heron LAMP appliance running in VirtualBox for development, with the network set to bridged.

I can connect to the virtual server just fine via SSH, http, and log into phpMyAdmin as root.

However, I have the MySQL GUI tools installed on my host (Win XP) and can't get them to connect. I can ping the server from them just fine. I tried port 12322 and that didn't work either. Windows firewall is disabled.

Are their other credentials besides root that I should be using to access MySQL this way?


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MySQL is bound to localhost by default

By commenting out the bind-address in the MySQL configuration, it will bind to all interfaces.
sed -i "s/^bind-address/#bind-address/" /etc/mysql/my.cnf
You will also need to configure the mysql root account to be able to connect from any (or a specific) host. An alternative is to create a new user with the required privileges. See this post for more information. Don't forget to restart mysql after your changes.

Hope the above helps.
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 Well, I went to webmin ->

 Well, I went to webmin -> mysql to edit the root account.

All I changed was the host option, to 'any'.

Now the root account for MySQL can log in, but can't do anything. Not even change it's password. I tried through phpMyAdmin as well.

I keep getting this error:

Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'mysql'

I think webmin may have a bug.

You should be able to connect

You should be able to connect using SQLYog, or Navicat..

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