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joomla remote mysql administration

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I am using the Joomla appliance and would like to use Navicat to administer the Mysql db.  I've put a route in the Firewall but i'm still unable to conncect.

Please help.



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MySQL is bound to localhost by default

By commenting out the bind-address in the MySQL configuration, it will bind to all interfaces.
sed -i "s/^bind-address/#bind-address/" /etc/mysql/my.cnf
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the issue was for some reson

the issue was for some reson "root" did not have access to remotely administer the db. I create a new account with full to all db instances and it worked.
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Glad it works, although...

Glad it works, although it doesn't make sense to me how it would - unless navicat tunnels connections over ssh or something similar.
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the issue is the hosts.

the issue is the hosts. root only has local host, backstagej, and I created a new account and assigned it a host of "any"
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which hosts file are you referring to?

can you post the path?
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go to webadmin, then mysql

go to webadmin, then mysql administration, then create a user account. you think specify what hosts the account can access from.
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thanks for reporting this

the 'backstage' mysql.user host will be removed from all lamp based appliances released from this point on.

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