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I downloaded the joomla turnkey install to test against my own install (much thanks for the opportunity!) and I'd like to confirm a behavior on enabling encrypted logins.

If I enable encrypted logins (after enabling the mod_login module) with the JA_Purity template with the logging level for the ssl virtual host set to 'info' I do not see any ssl requests.  In the same configuration with the rhuk_milkyway and beez templates, I get ssl requests but the site does not return to http but remains on https.  I have made no further configuration changes.

This seems broken to me and, to be honest, makes me wary of using Joomla.  Can I get confirmation this is expected behavior?

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I just tested SSL logins with the JA_Purity theme and it works (though I never checked the logs) Logically, there shouldn't be any behavioural/functional differences depending on theme selected.

I can confirm that when logging in via SSL, the connection remains in SSL. I don't think this is a bug but rather intentional. If you would like to change this behaviour, I would recommend asking the joomla guys. UPDATE: I just found your post on the joomla forums, if/when you solve this issue, drop us a line as others might also be interested.

BTW, thanks for the "TurnKey rocks!" mention :)

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