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The latest joomla auto update (to 1.5.14) replaced all fo my files (and changed the owner and perms). So all of my css files, favicon, etc were reset to their original states.  Luckily, I had it all backed up but I'd like to make sure it doesn't happen next time.  Does this happen with every update?  How can I change it?  Thanks! 


Ok, well, sorry, I figured out part of it at least.  I guess that default templates get updated so all one has to do it rename (or copy, rename, paste) the template folder and pick the new one.

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This is the first report we have received of such behaviour. Could you provide as much information as possible of what files you customized/added, as well as what you did to rectify the problem (as well as permission changes).

With this information we will attempt to replicate the issue, and if possible, make sure it doesn't happen again.
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I was using the rhuk_milkyway template.  I was using the white color and background variations.  Both were reset to blue.  template.css was reset because i had changed the logo from the default (in code, not by renaming a new file and replacing the old one).  favicon.ico was overwritten back to the original.  The last modified date was 12:09 AM and the owner and group were reset to www-data.  I didn't really fix the problem but it can be prevented by renaming the template directory (at least I think so).  I picked that idea up from here.  If there's anything else I can do, let me know.  I love the product!

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Thanks for the link. It seems that our package is inline with the official documentation.
Does a patch overwrite my configuration?

No, the patch only overwrites files that are available in an official download. 
It doesn't overwrite configuration.php for example. There are a few things that 
you need to know. A patch can overwrite the default language file /language/english.php.
You only need to take care if you made changes to the default english.php.

A Joomla! patch doesn't overwrite other language files you have put there yourself.
A patch can also overwrite /images/favicon.ico, for the people who use a favicon.ico
and have overwritten this file. A patch can overwrite files in the default templates 
that are available with a default Joomla installation. If you want to use a default
template, please make sure that it is better to copy the default template to another
folder under the /templates directory. If this is not possible, please remove the 
/templates directory out of the patch files.
However, I will look into patching our joomla package to not overwrite the favicon (when a new version of joomla is released), as this could be annoying. With regards to all the other changes made, there is not much we can do unfortunately.

Hopefully the joomla installation will be more "modular" and support local changes/configurations in a more structured way in the future, but one can only hope...

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