Hello guys,

I have just installed the joomla appliance turnkey-joomla-2009.07.1-hardy-x86.iso on a VirtualBox machine and after a successful install I couldn't access the server via any of the ip's provided. I proceded to change it to my local routers ip string and still couldn't see it. Tried pinging both ip's and all packets were lost.

I decided to exit the ip configuration of the appliance and tried logging in to joomla using admin, turnkey and couldn't get in either.

So I'm completely stumped here. How can I get my system to see the virtual server? How can I log in locally if the supplied username and password don't work?

Total newbie here. I have a virtual xp running in linux fine. I have set this up as a guest in a windows system which is where I work on sites but no dice here.

Thanks for any answers.



Changed the virtual box network confing to bridged and gave certificate exceptions to webmin and phpmyadmin and it all worked great.


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