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I installed Turnkey MediaWiki.(yay!) I am able to ssh into the machine, however; when I enter the IP address in any browser (Opera, Firefox, IE, etc.) I recieve an error 403.(boo!) The same thing occurs when I attempt to login to the webmin interface (http://IP:12321). I am unable to locate any documentation regarding any initial configuration (Other than how to assign a static IP address) that must be done beyond the base install. Do I need to issue any commands after the initial network configuration? Do I need to do anything to allow port 80 requests? I have also attempted to download a fresh copy and reinstall, but to no avail. I have never set up mediawiki, nor am I a Linux guru by any means, and I have no knowledge of PHP whatsoever, but If I can be pointed in the right direction, I will attempt to learn. Thank you in advance for any guidance that you might offer. Also, a list of relevent literature for beginners pertaining to these subjects would be greatly appreciated.

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Generally, there is no initial configuration required, besides for customization, so everything should work out of the box. You should be able to browse to the IP address specified in the configuration console and access your MediaWiki through your browser.

Where have you installed the appliance? Virtual machine? Real hardware? Is it located on your local LAN or are you accessing it remotely? Do you have a proxy/firewall configured?

BTW, webmin is served by its internal webserver, and mediawiki by apache2, so if you're getting the same 403 error page chances are you are behind a proxy/firewall...

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