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login problems: turnkey-lamp-2009.10-hardy-x86

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Hello All,

I'm still relatively new, but have actually had success with logins before.. ;-)

Environment: Apple Mac with English OS (10.6.1) and a German Keyboard; VirtualBox 3.0.8 r53138 (up-to-date); Firefox 3.5.3; Safari (4.0.3 6531.9)

I first installed the aforementioned software using a standard password (all alphabetical except for one "-" sign) for all entries. I was able to login into Drupal using this. I got login errors on all https web sites for both admin and root.

I then reinstalled using "turnkey" as the password for all entries. Same result as above.

Has anybody seen this before? I remember this happened with the a previous version and that it all somehow worked out in the end... no such luck this time. Any pointers?

Best Regards,


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What kind of login errors?

Hi Joseph. I don't think I understand the problem your facing yet. Could you provide more information? (e.g., exact error messages, output from the Apache error logs if available, etc.)
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Turnkey Login Problems: SOLVED

Looks like the US / Foreign keyboard problem got me too! The initial Installer Window assumes the standard US-keyboard encoding but the Browser recognises the non-US keyboard and uses the appropriate encoding, which is of course wrong. This applies to all the "Admin" URLs. Interestingly, Drupal apparently assumes the US-keyboard and hence lets me login.

Keep up the nice work!

Best Regrds,


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