I cant connect to postgre server, on the network with pgadminIII ?

Can anyone help with some idea ?

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By default we configure appliances not to allow external connections to the database for security reasons. You'll need to change the PostgreSQL configuration to allow that if you want to connect with an external client.

Thank you Liraz for info,

i will try to play with postgres config files to allow '*'  connections

not only localhost .. i think that would be enough .. 




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This might help...

Configure postgres to listen for remote connections

sed -i "s/#listen_addresses = 'localhost'/listen_addresses = '*'/" $CONF

Configure postgres to accept remote connections

# configure postgres to accept remote connections
cat >> /etc/postgresql/8.3/main/pg_hba.conf <<EOF
# Accept all IPv4 connections - CHANGE THIS!!!
host    all         all             md5

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