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Hi All


I'm new to mediawiki.

 I recently got my turnkey mediawiki site up and running and have been busy adding pages. I have no problems adding pictures to a new page however, if i go back and edit the same page later the picture mysteriously disappears and all I am left with is [[image:]] I then have to put the image path back in.

 Is this normal behavior or is my site just doing odd things...?



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If this is a bug, my guess is it has something to do with FCKeditor (there have been similar issues in the past). Are you using FCKeditor? If you disable it, does the issue go away?
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Thanks for the reply.


I disable the editor by clicking "Disable rich editor"

Now the image remains just fine when I do an edit.

So I guess this is a problem with FCKeditor.

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If you're up to it, could you report this as bug. If not, when I get some free time I'll do it.
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Hi all! 

I have the problem with the MediaWiki...

Please resolve the problem.

I have read this: and this:$wgUseTidy

I have installed php5-tidy after that I configure: echo "" >> /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini;  

I have add the line into my LocalSettings.php

$wgUseTidy = true;

$wgTidyInternal = true;

After that:

Restart apache.

The problem is not resolved after that.

I hope you'll help me!

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