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500 Internal Server

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I've done it all,i can't find out why apache gives me a 500 internal server after i uploaded a  .htaccess

happens to me all the time! i done it all..dont know what else i can do..

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More information required

If you only get the 500 internal server error when using your custom .htaccess, then you have a problem with the .htaccess.

If this is the case, its not really TurnKey specific but post it anyway and hopefully someone can help.
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How would i make .htaccess

How would i make .htaccess work with LAMP?

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Wikipedia article

Check out the wikipedia article, it provides a nice overview.

If you could provide an explanation on what you are trying to accomplish, and what you have done, it would be easier to help.
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Heres what i need to

Heres what i need to work

AddHandler headerd .gif
AddHandler headerd .jpg
AddHandler headerd .bmp
AddHandler headerd .png
AddHandler headerd .txt
AddHandler headerd .css

I have rewrite on via webmin

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