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I had downloaded Turnkey Wordpress 2.5 a couple of months back and set it up on a a VMware ESX system.

Shortly after installing it, I updated it to 2.8.4 myself following procedures documented on wordpress.org, although now I see that you have released a 2.8.4 appliance.

I do have some minor questions concerning my installation.

1.  Is there any way to take advantage of the auto-update/download/delete  features now offered for themes, plugins and the core Wordpress?  Seems like you need to use FTP, and I don't know if this is even possible with the Turnkey solution.

2.  As someone who is just learning his way around Linux, I'm curious why you use a symlink for the wp-content folder.  I know on hosted Wordpress installations it isn't that way.  I'm guessing this has to do with shared folder permissions, but I'd just like a better understanding.

3.  My Wordpress dashboard page does not correctly synchronize with the RSS feeds from Wordpress.org.  I get an error such as the following: 

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Could not open handle for fopen() to http://wordpress.org/development/feed/

My research on this seems to point back to the php.ini file.  Must change a line to this:

; Whether to allow include/require to open URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.
allow_url_include = On

The file I tried editing is /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini but it didn't solve the problem.  Is this the wrong version of php.ini or do I have to copy it somewhere else?  Or is this another issue altogether?

Are most of these issues handled better with your 2.8.4 Turnkey appliance?  If so, would I be better off exporting my installation and starting over with a new version of the appliance?


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New version of WordPress appliance is better

Alon's the expert on the WordPress appliance, but to the best of my knowledge the new version does integrate Automattic's new built-in upgrade mechanism. That's why we're using their upstream version and not a Debian / Ubuntu package.

I don't see how it would hurt to try to migrate your data to the new appliance version. Good luck!

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dashboard feed problems / upgrade mechanism problems solved

I finally found the solution for the broken RSS feeds on the Wordpress dashboard and the inability to view and download new themes/plugins and updates.   I wanted to share it here. 

The key was to install php5-curl.

apt-get install php5-curl.

After installing, I rebooted the appliance, and bingo.  Everything is now working.

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Thank you! Solved my problem

Thank you! Solved my problem as well.

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Thanks, solved the problem

I just moved a few wordpress sites from a Red Hat Enerterpirse linux setup to debian.  After dealing with wordpress blank pages, and a few other things getting RSS feeds working was the last issue.


installing php5-curl did it and now everything works.  Cheers!

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