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I've now got Win7 running. Created a VPC and pointed the optical drive to the Turnkey Core iso. If I try to run the live image or start an install it quickly crashes the VPC.

I'm going to check Ubuntu forums, but I thought I would post here first.

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Looks like there is a known issue.

Now to find a suitable workaround...

Update: I can get the live system to run. At the initial menu choose F6 Other Options. Then replace the ending "-- " with "vga=791 noreplace-paravirt". It boots.

Now off to see if it actually works, then to try install.

Update #2 : Yes, I did an install after booting as above. (The formating of the drive as ext3 took forever.) Just needed to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to add "vga=791 noreplace-paravirt" and it now boots up just fine on its own.

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Good to know that TurnKey Linux can run on Microsoft's Virtual PC with only a minor workaround. Thanks for sharing Chaim!

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