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I searched some for this on the forum and didnt find what I was looking for.

I would like to run multiple appliances on one single server. I dont want to consume two external IP addresses. Can this be done by somehow tweaking which ports a given applience answer to?

Or will vmware / turnkey handle this automatically. I dont want to crap my installation so I thought I'd ask before trying. :)




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It depends on what you are trying to achieve but port forwarding would probably do what you want. VMware server has the ability act as a NAT'd router for the VMs so that may suit your purpose (LAN or WAN). Another option maybe using hardware (ie a router with NAT).

I'm not sure about VMware but many routers will allow you to select the port forwarded to (as well as from). If thats the case, you won't even to change ports on the VMs.

The details will depend ou the route you take (sorry pardon the pun ) and the outcome you are trying to achieve.


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I guess it will depend on the route I take :)

I guess I have to try it out and see what happens. Can do it on my local machine but I am affraid it wont mimic the live environment, where I dont dare to try ..


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But I'm more than happy to give give you my 2c worth if you want to provide more info. Otherwise, good luck!

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I think someone saying.

"Yeah running two, three or more turnkeyinstallations on one VMWare server is no problemo. You might have to tweak the settings of xxx but you wont burn anything so go ahead and try :) "

I am not looking for a technical or scientific answer unless it is needed. I just want to know it works and is a common thing to do. There seems to be no information about it. It might be because it is not a problem, or because it doesnt work at all :)






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