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Problem running Configure in TWiki

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I just installed the new TWiki appliance behind a firewall at work. I need to turn off the email verification feature as I won't be able to access anything from behind the firewall.

I assume that this is done in the Configure section of the Admin Tools but when I select this, I am repeatedly prompted for Login/Pass. The AdminUser login works as a site login but I can't access Configure with it.

This is an out-of-the-box install with no customizations. Not much I can change if I can't access Configure.

Has anyone else run into this?

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TWiki support forum

I recommend to ask in the Support forum on twiki.org, http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Support/WebHome

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We'll look into it

Bill thanks for reporting this. If we can reproduce this issue on our end then hopefully we can issue a workaround and a fix which will go into the next version.
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Upstream support ticket

This question is handled upstream at http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Support/SID-00643 

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This is what came back: The

This is what came back:

The topic 'SID-00643 ' you are trying to access does not exist, yet.


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Misconfiguration in apache.conf

Thanks for reporting this, it turns out to be a misconfiguration in the apache configuration. You can either comment out the configure section as Peter mentioned, so you can access it without a authenticating, or update /etc/twiki/apache.conf
old:    Require user TWikiGuest
new:    Require user AdminUser
This fix will be included in all future versions of the TWiki appliance.
BTW, disabling email verification is specified here:
Security Setup -> Security Registration -> {Register}{NeedVerification}
I hope this solves your issue.
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Yes! It IS the Apache config


It IS the Apache config problem.     After making the suggested change and restarting Apache, I could run TWiki Configure.

It gives two warnings - one for localhost and one for email root@localhost.

After updating both and saving the Conguration, it appears to work.


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Thanks. Added to todo list

I've added the warnings you mentioned to my todo list for when we release an updated version.
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 It's /etc/twiki/apache.conf

 It's /etc/twiki/apache.conf

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Thanks for catching the typo...

Thanks for catching the typo, I updated the above post.
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Struggling with same issue

Hi, Alon. 

Really appreciate your taking the time and effort to reply. 

I'm running the TKL TWiki (downloaded about 1 month) as a VM on VirtualBox.  When I try to run the Configure thru TWiki, I'm told I have the wrong password. When I run it through a browser, it shows up as a text file (I've seen the posts on this cgi issue).

All would be just fine with your guidance from this posting, but I'm simply unable to locate the /etc/twiki/apache.conf file on the server.

I am certainly a relative novice.  Would you kindly direct me to that file? 

Thank you for your help!

Kevin Rodbell, MD

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I suspect that the appliance has changed.

This thread is really old so I suspect that the way the server is built now has changed. TBH I'm not sure where the conf file is but the best place to start looking IMO would be /var/www/twiki Actually you could use the find command to help you out:

find /var/www/twiki -name apache.conf

Hopefully that will work...

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