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I wanne use 1 little disk for unix and drupal but for the drupal websites and themes i would want to use a second disk .

Is this possible and is there  any one who knows how i have to partion  the disks to get the result i want ?


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I'm guessing you mean 2 CDs? Or do you mean some other sort of disk?

You could run TKL off a disk and use a usb for the websites etc? There may be other ways of doing it but without hacking the CD I imagine you'd need to copy the themes and sites in manually on boot (and copy them back agin if they were edited prior to shutdown). Or perhaps you could mount the usb in the right folder (sorry not sure if thats feasable - I don't know enough about drupal).

Anthoer way to go may be to make a persistent install to usb.Then even if you kept your data on another usb you could at least have a startup script to load and unload your data nicely. I'm not 100% sure how you'd do that, but there's plenty of guides around for Ubuntu Desktop, I assume it would be same or similar for TKL.

Alon & Liraz - perhaps this is a feature worth adding to TKL? Its really easy to make a persistent install to removable media from within Ubuntu Desktop, perhaps that functionality could be added to TKL iso? Perhaps either as an option on the initial boot menu, or as a script when running live. I'm not 100% sure how you'd implement it but I guess it'd be a case of create a live sesion (with a presistent casper file) but on USB (rather than RAM).

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I have a friend that carries around a portable USB drive with VMWare player and a collection of virtual machines he can then boot up on any computer.

You can do that with TurnKey Linux too. Download the VM build of an appliance, save it to a USB drive, boot it with the free VMWare Player (or VirtualBox), and make as many changes as you want. You'll be able to run them with you anywhere you can run virtualization software.

Whether or not that would work for you depends on your usage scenario. If you need to boot from bare metal then that won't work. It should be possible to install the Live CD to a USB drive but I admit I haven't tried it yet. If that doesn't work we could add support for it into di-live.

As Jed mentions it's also possible to configure the Live CD to use a USB / hard for persistence (casper supports this) but it's kind of complicated.

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I hadn't considered a VM install on USB. That'd have to be the easiest, most straightforward way to go. Cross platform and all! I'll keep that in mind myself - I'm sure it'll come in handy. Thanks

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A while back Liraz posted a script I wrote that installs an extracted ISO filesystem to a USB device.

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