TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

What type of VM are the appliances?

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 I tried to install LAMP VM on VMware free server, but it failed.

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Need more information to help you

Unfortunately, my telepathy skills are still a bit rusty (despite many hours of practice). So to help you we'll need more information than "it failed". For example, if you can take screenshots and attach them to your post that would be useful.
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Different version

 Sorry, I assumed that it would be obvious that the version is different. Here's the message:

Unable to add virtual machine "/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/turnkey-lamp-2009.10-hardy-x86/turnkey-lamp-2009.10-hardy-x86.vmx" to the inventory:

Configuration file was created by a VMware product with more features than this version

I updated my version of the (free) server to 1.06.

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So does it work after you updated VMWare?

Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Do you still have a problem, or did you resolve the problem by updating VMWare Server?
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No it doesn't work

 I updated the server and still got the same message. That's why I used the iso image.

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