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How can I add openid auth support into redmine appliance?

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I found an issue that talks about this in Redmine's system:


From the sound of it you'll need to install the ruby-openid gem and enable OpenID support that's already in Redmine. It's optional and by default is turned off. To turn it on, go to the Administration panel > Authentication and select the OpenID checkbox. When enabled this will allow users to login through their OpenID url.

Hope this helps!

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Successfully installed ruby-openid-2.1.7

but no one OpenId checkboxes in Administration panel > Authentication.

What I miss?


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Hi Did you get this issue fixed. I am having the same problem?

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Have you tried restarting the web server after installing the ruby-openid gem?  It worked fine for me using the latest versions of everything.

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How do I update the redmine install??? I see this is manually installed tar.gz??? WHY is this done? Why not using a packaging system so it can be updated easily? man, feels like 1997!!! 

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I suspect that the main reason its not installed from a deb is because remine isn't available in the Hardy repos so the devs chose to install from upstream tarball instead. If you keep in mind that the current stable TKL appliances are based on Ubuntu 8.04/Hardy then I'm sure you'll find details on how to update redmine on the net somewhere.

OTOH it may be better to just hold off a moment if you can as the new beta release of appliances should be out very soon (based on Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid) - within weeks hopefully. In the new release it will be handled by the package manager as Lucid has Redmine in the repos (see here). You should be able to migrate your data from the old appliance to the new one using TKLBAM.

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