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How to use Perl CGI scripts in lamp appliance ?

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first of all, hi to the community. I'm new to Turnkey linux and after 1 installation, I'm becoming a fan.... Thanks for great work.

I'd like to modify LAMP appliance (I really like TKLPatch approach), but first I need to get some software written as Perl CGI scripts working.


At the moment I have an rrd.cgi script in /var/www/cgi-bin and when I try to access if from remote location, I get the script as text - it doesn't get executed.

Since appliance is supposed to support Apache&Perl out of the box, I'm surely missing something simple ?

Thanks in advance,




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You may need to configure Apache...

CGI should work out of the box (in cgi-bin). I filed a bug report. Thanks for reporting this!

Anyhow, for a Perl CGI script to execute in cgi-bin Apache has to be configured with the +ExecCGI option for the cgi-bin directory and a few other things. See this article for details.

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Trying to run perl scripts (.pl)

I follow the article but doesn't work. 500 internal server error

Any other clue?

Thank you for your excelent work.

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Any new news on this?

I have the same problem - I need to execute a script from cgi-bin  within the /var/www folder


Can't quite figure out what to point where - I did check the referenced article but this mostly refers to windows setup


Any thoughts much appreciated

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Answered in another post

I just came across this thread after answering the same issue in a nother. You can see my post here.

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