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Is there an easy way to upgrade the OTRS on Turnkey?

I've tried using the instructions on the OTRS website and I keep hosing the VM and have to start from scratch.

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How do i go about upgrading the 2.2.7 otrs version to 2.4.6 on turnkey.

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@Robert: Do you use a VM-Server? Some Versions support snapshots. If you make a snapshot after having modified the appliance in safe ways, it spares you doing all the work again and again.


@Guest: You can get OTRS package 2.4.5-4 from debian squeeze (testing) distribution.  See

For latest otrs 2.4.6-1 see the package for debian sid (unstable) distribution. See


As an analogy to my update procedure for roundup this might help you (please note warnings from Alon concerning security updates!):

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 Ok i am trying to implement the ITSM modules for OTRS which require 2.4 Framework. However every upgrade I have attempted results in killing OTRS and having to roll back. Has anyone here installed the ITSM module, and if so what steps did they take. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I too am trying to upgrade to the 2.4 framework.. whats the best method? Is there a walkthrough?

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I finally gave up on this and wrote my own ticketing system. I went with a virtual appliance to save time. When it became apparent that I would lose time working with this one, I bailed on it. Good luck guys! Hope you have better success than I.

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