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Is there an easy way to upgrade the OTRS on Turnkey?

I've tried using the instructions on the OTRS website and I keep hosing the VM and have to start from scratch.

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@Robert: Do you use a VM-Server? Some Versions support snapshots. If you make a snapshot after having modified the appliance in safe ways, it spares you doing all the work again and again.


@Guest: You can get OTRS package 2.4.5-4 from debian squeeze (testing) distribution.  See

For latest otrs 2.4.6-1 see the package for debian sid (unstable) distribution. See


As an analogy to my update procedure for roundup this might help you (please note warnings from Alon concerning security updates!):

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I finally gave up on this and wrote my own ticketing system. I went with a virtual appliance to save time. When it became apparent that I would lose time working with this one, I bailed on it. Good luck guys! Hope you have better success than I.

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