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I have a server running KVM on CentOS 5.4

I downloaded the tomcat-apache appliance iso file to /tmp and ran this command to install it on a VM:

virt-install -n v1067 -r 512 --vcpus=1 --os-type=linux --os-variant=ubuntuhardy -v --accelerate -c /tmp/turnkey-tomcat-apache-2009.10-hardy-x86.iso -f /var/lib/libvirt/images/v1067.img -s 15 -b br0 --vnc --noautoconsole

I get the Turnkey Linux intro screen and select Install to hard disk.

The appliance seems to start loading and then crashes.

I turned on the debug flag to virt-install but it did not give me any additional info.

Any ideas what happened and/or how to get more info to diagnose this?

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I just tried TKL core and it crashes as well.

I noticed one thing: The appliances seem to be 32 bit versions since they have x86 in the name.  If that is the case,  are 64 bit versions available?

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64 bit based TKL appliances are in the pipeline but no idea of timeframe. Have you tried loading the VM images. I haven't tried it myself but apparently KVM can load VMware virtual disk images so that may be worth a shot?

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According to this page:

KVM has some issues with virtio when running an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS guest.
It looks like I can run the guests without virtio, but they would run slower.

I am going to post a message to the KVM mailing list for this.  If anyone has any insight, please let me know.


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I found a solution to this problem.  I can install the appliance with virtio disabled.  Once the install completes, I can enable virtio and everything works.  Cool!


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