Dear All ..

I want to start learning tklpatch.

The problem is I only have one PC with Jaunty Installed, and this is where I do my daily activity.

Is it safe to apt-get install tklpatch in this pc (since the repo is "hardy") ?




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How about you install VirtualBox or VMware Server/Player or KVM or some other virtualisation software and run a TKL appliance inside that? Then if you mess something up you're not going to destroy your working computer!

Ya ...

I'll do that .

I just looking for chance not to have to re-download hardy ISO, since my internet connection is verry limited


Thankyou for your enlightment.



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tklpatch works great inside Core, which is just about 100MBs. You can then deploy Core into a virtual machine and use that as your development environment.

Note that if you've already downloaded any other appliance you can also use that. Core is just the smallest one.

Thats great ...

Well ... actualy currently my hardy download processs is 94%

But ... i'll also download that core ... I'll need it anyway


Thankyou for that good news



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