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Hello -- I'm hosting the Wordpress Turnkey Virtual Appliance behind an http proxy and I'm needing to know how to configure the system to communicate through the proxy.


Any help is appreciated!



Brandon Edling 

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Here is an article that describes how to set up the Squid proxy using Webmin on Ubuntu:

I have never tried it but the instructions seem complete.

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 Thanks, Neil -- not sure if that's what I need, though.  I don't want to run a proxy server per se, I'm just needing to be able to see the external network.  For example, in Wordpress, I can't update any themes or plug-ins, even though I have it configured for the proxy, because the Linux system itself can't get out of our internal network.  I can't ping (for example).

In the Desktop version of Ubuntu, I can go to Preference > Network Proxy > Proxy Configuration and type in the http proxy information.  But since the Turnkey Linux installation doesn't have a GUI, I'm not sure how to go about implementing this change via the command line.



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I see.  The proxy is configured, you need to point your machine to it.  Sorry for the goof.

Here is a page:

According to the posting at the bottom of the page:

Add the following line to /etc/environment :

Maybe that will help.

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