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Hello -- I'm hosting the Wordpress Turnkey Virtual Appliance behind an http proxy and I'm needing to know how to configure the system to communicate through the proxy.


Any help is appreciated!



Brandon Edling 

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Here is an article that describes how to set up the Squid proxy using Webmin on Ubuntu:

I have never tried it but the instructions seem complete.

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 Thanks, Neil -- not sure if that's what I need, though.  I don't want to run a proxy server per se, I'm just needing to be able to see the external network.  For example, in Wordpress, I can't update any themes or plug-ins, even though I have it configured for the proxy, because the Linux system itself can't get out of our internal network.  I can't ping (for example).

In the Desktop version of Ubuntu, I can go to Preference > Network Proxy > Proxy Configuration and type in the http proxy information.  But since the Turnkey Linux installation doesn't have a GUI, I'm not sure how to go about implementing this change via the command line.



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I see.  The proxy is configured, you need to point your machine to it.  Sorry for the goof.

Here is a page:

According to the posting at the bottom of the page:

Add the following line to /etc/environment :

Maybe that will help.

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Regardless this Post is suuuper old, it still is displayed as top search result in 2024 ;)

For everybody coming along like me, here the 2024 Solution to get Turnkey's Wordpress working behind Proxy:

You need to set the Proxy at 3 different locations!

1. with Turnkey's "confconsole"  (login to machine as root and type this command, an GUI guides you through the rest)
-> this one is for apt only (i.e. updating the underlying linux derivate)

2. edit the /etc/environment file and insert needed lines (google for "/etc/environment proxy" to get the current instructions)
-> this one is for the system (everything else that needs internet access but is not wordpress)

3. within the wordpress installation, edit the wp-config.php and insert needed lines (google for "wordpress use proxy" to get the current instructions)
-> this one is finally for wordpress itself (i.e. getting updates, plugins, themes)

No detailed instructions here on purpose: if anything has changed meanwhile with theese settings, you will notice the changes by googling for it yourself ;) 

Good luck everybody ;)

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Thanks for posting.

We should at least add the ability to add the system proxy conf (i.e. your #2) to Confconsole as well.

Whilst I think your idea is wise, (re googling for info) I suspect that at least the system proxy config won't change anytime soon, so to save others one google I'll note it below. Whether or not it's a good idea to post how to do it for WordPress, I'll leave that be for now.

So to set a system proxy (in early 2024 anyway...) edit your /etc/environment (as root) and add these lines (where '' is your proxy address & port - use IP address if your proxy doesn't have a domain associated with it):


FYI there are both lowercase and uppercase variables as the uppercase ones are legacy and the lowercase ones are the new standard. Some apps still expect the uppercase, whereas some only use the lowercase variant. If you don't have any apps that use FTP, then you could skip that, although setting it won't do any harm.

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