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I have recently installed the current turnkey Mediawiki appliance on an old PC. All works very well and im happy as.

Im very new to using a LAMP type server. When i type in the site address ***.***.***.***  onto the browser it automatically goes to http://***.***.***.***/index.php/Main_page as it is a wiki site.

However i would like to put a link on the wiki site to goto to a webpage outside the wiki site but on the same server. How do i achieve this ? (eg http://***.***.***.***/phpscripts/database_input.php).

I want users to access the php file so they can input details into a data base.

I would like to know how to include the sample path, path & filename, eg http://***.***.***.***/phpscripts/database_input.php on the Turnkey Mediawiki appliance so i can get to it with my web browser.

If i type this into the browser address bar I get 'file not found'.

I want to use the same PC box for running additional scripts along side the wiki server.


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You will find the root webpage folder at /usr/share/mediawiki (rather than the apache2 default /var/www). You should be able to simply put your custom page into your TKL appliance by moving the /phpscripts folder (with your database_input.php inside it) to the /usr/share/mediawiki folder.

Linking to that from within the wiki should be as simple as adding a link as you would normally.

I figured this out and tested it on my older verion of TKL MediaWiki, hopefully it works for you too.

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ill try it


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